“In nature, nothing exists alone.” – Rachel Carson, Marine Biologist and Conservationist

This Earth Day, we are taking these words to heart, as we join in supporting Earth Day Network’s 2019 theme: Protect Our Species. All living things play a unique and vital role in nature, and we think it’s important to protect them. You might be surprised at which species are endangered or threatened; some of them include bees, coral reefs, elephants, giraffes, insects, and whales.

Just as we asked you last year to help us end plastic waste, we’re asking you to join us this month as we support the Southern Environmental Center in the education and conservation of endangered species.

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How to Support the Cause For Good

To celebrate Earth Day Network’s 2019 theme: Protect Our Species, we’re donating to Birmingham Southern College’s Southern Environmental Center in honor of Greener State customers. Plus, when you sign up to support renewable energy with Greener State this month, you’ll receive one of our new, For Good T-shirts.*

The Southern Environmental Center supports environmental conservation, recreation, and education programs at Turkey Creek Nature Preserve, home to unique and federally protected populations of Vermilion, Watercress, and Rush Darter fishes. Did you know the Vermilion Darter can only be found in Turkey Creek, and nowhere else in the world?!

When you sign up for one of our plans, you’re not only powering your home with solar and wind energy, but you’re also helping protect endangered species. We’d say that’s a pretty good way to celebrate Earth Day.

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Save the date! Greener State is back at Pepper Place.

Earth Day may be on April 22, but we’re celebrating all month long! Join us at The Market at Pepper Place on April 20. Our team will be there in our Greener State tent from 7am-12pm to talk more about supporting green energy in Alabama, answer your questions, and of course give out some eco-friendly swag! We can’t wait to see you there!