We’ve said it before…

But we’ll say it again. Thank you! Thanks to everyone who has supported renewable energy over the past year by joining Greener State. When we launched Greener State last year, we were thinking about the future – and how we can all make an impact right now. Since then, we’ve heard from Alabamians that living greener is important, but it doesn’t always seem like a simple thing to do.

That’s why our mission is to provide customers with easy and affordable solutions for a greener lifestyle – whether it’s a green life hack, a reusable water bottle, or a convenient way to support renewable energy. Ultimately, we want to build a more sustainable future together. The key word here is “together”. We couldn’t do any of this without our customers. Each one of our customers is supporting the expansion of a greener Alabama!

Our Impact So Far

As an individual, sometimes it’s hard to believe you can really make a difference, but believe us – your contribution is substantial when we all join forces. After one year, our environmental impact is equal to…

  • Powering homes with 7,299,000 kWh of green energy

  • Offsetting 13,311,823 miles in a gas-fueled car

  • Recycling 1,893 tons of waste instead of landfilling it

  • Switching 181,795 incandescent light bulbs to LED

  • Growing 140,778 tree seedlings for 10 years

  • Saving 115,564 plastic bottles


Living Up to Our Name

As our name suggests, we care a lot about making our state greener. Yes, that means powering homes with renewable energy, but it can also be more literal…like planting trees. In honor of our first year, we’re going to plant a tree in the name of every one of our customers! You can think of it as adopting your own tree. Your legacy as a supporter of green energy will not soon be forgotten!

Team Spotlight

Now that it’s been a year, it’s time to introduce the people who are behind this effort to make going green easy. Meet Mattie, a Greener State team member since our launch! As a cross-country runner in college, Mattie loved spending time outdoors – especially running on wooded trails.

girl in front of green

When Mattie graduated college in Massachusetts and moved to Alabama, her passion for the outdoors continued, and she channeled it into managing Greener State and helping us all keep Alabama beautiful. Mattie’s favorite thing about working on the Greener State team is talking to customers and learning all the creative ways our supporters choose to live greener in everything they do. Does she look familiar? You may have seen her featured on our Instagram or at a local event!

Taking Sustainability to Heart

Although we’re proud of what we accomplished this past year, we want to do more. As we kick off year two, our team is pledging to live more sustainably in our everyday lives. Throughout this next year, we’ll be setting team goals to be greener in a specific and measurable way, and we’ll be documenting our efforts to meet those goals. Follow us on social media to see what we’re up to and let us know what you want to see from us. As much as we love giving green tips, we know our followers have some great ideas too.