How much do we love our environmental impact at Greener State? Since inception, Greener State members have used 35,000,000 kWh of green energy. That’s the environmental impact of greenhouse gasses from 61,405,459 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle.

Our Greener State supporters are spreading the environmental love too. Here’s how they love their impact with Greener State:

Bevin Tomlin, Hoover, AL

“I joined Greener State to encourage the increased development and use of renewable energy sources. Greener State is an easy way to invest in the future of renewable energy.”

Why I love my impact: “From the mountains, to the beach, to the lake, my family loves being outside. We want to keep our environment healthy! I want to do all I can to help protect our environment that we live and play in.”

Brittany Dunn, Birmingham, AL

“I support Greener State because it makes an impact on our future with renewable resources.”

Why I love my impact: “I am trying to live every day in a greener way. I want to make choices that will help our state. Greener State is one of the lifestyle choices I make to do this.”

Alexa Molnar, Birmingham, AL  

“I am a Greener State customer because it is a very easy and affordable way to reduce my carbon footprint and protect the environment. Specifically, it enables me to reduce the environmental impact of my electricity consumption by supporting investment in energy sourced from renewables.

Greener State is a component of my portfolio of actions to support sustainability. I love that this program is structured in such a way that anyone can support green energy, regardless of their budget. From as little to $5/month anyone can take steps towards supporting and utilizing renewable energy.”

Why I love my impact: “I remember a Native American proverb, ‘We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.’ The choices I make today not only impact the environment now, but also have cumulative lasting impacts on the environment of future generations. While I can’t save the environment on my own, I can at least make a conscious effort to do what I can to minimize my carbon footprint.”

Join the movement and love your impact with Greener State. It’s easy to power your home sustainably. Learn more at