We all have an impact in some way or another. Even you – no matter how small. So the question is, what’s your impact? And, are you proud of it? At Greener State, we want you to not only know your impact, we also want you to love it. That’s why we are excited to partner with Birmingham print shop Yellowhammer Creative, who’s helped us create something special for our supporters that make a positive impact every day!

Love Your Impact (And Show it Off)

In an ongoing effort to support the local community and encourage our customers to make sustainable choices, we decided to collaborate with Yellowhammer on our newest limited-edition swag, which will include screen-printed shirts and reusable bags with the tagline “Love Your Impact.”

Love your impact shirts

Yellowhammer Prints Sustainably

So, why did we choose Yellowhammer to be our partner? Founded in 2009, Yellowhammer Print Shop is known for its quality hand-printed goods, particularly best-sellers like t-shirts with the slogan “It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham” and screen-printed posters of the Alabama Theater. We’re doubly eager to collaborate using the shop’s unique, environmentally-friendly print techniques.

Fun fact: our new shirts are Yellowhammer’s final project in their current office before they relocate! We can’t wait to see their business grow and continue to bring vibrancy to our community.

Ethically Made, Sweatshop Free.

Not only are the shirt designs locally and sustainably printed at Yellowhammer’s shop, but the shirts themselves are ethically and organically made by American Apparel. American Apparel’s manufacturing facilities also provide employees with free onsite medical clinics where more than 144,000 consultations were conducted last year alone.

Our new “Love Your Impact” shirts will be available while supplies last, or until March 31 at the latest. You can claim your shirt when you sign up to support renewable energy through one of our Greener State plans. Power your home with green energy and be proud of your impact!

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