Remember when we said we would plant a tree in the name of each of our customers? Well, it’s finally planting season, so we planted over 2,000 loblolly pine trees this week in honor of our supporters! You may be wondering why we waited until the last week in February to plant these trees. The answer is twofold: 1) it’s best to plant trees in early spring after freezing temperatures have passed and the ground is thawed. It’s even better after a heavy rain! 2) The final week of February is Arbor Week in Alabama!

Where We Planted

The planting site, as seen below, sits near the Coosa River in Wilsonville, AL. In addition to loblolly pine, other tree species native to the area include shortleaf pine, red oak, white oak, hickory, poplar, maple, and sweetgum. It is also home to white-tailed deer, turkeys, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons and various bird species.

trees and sky

A Statewide Effort

We were excited as a Greener State team to participate in the Arbor Week festivities. We are especially proud that the entire state has been working together to plant trees in Alabama. Hundreds of residents are planting seedlings provided by Alabama Power and forestry and conservation groups in honor of Arbor Week. Starting in mid-February, company foresters and arborists held tree giveaways throughout the state. In Alabama Power’s Western Division, a team of arborists distributed 5,000 seedlings in Jasper and Tuscaloosa.

“As foresters and arborists, we love trees and are committed to maintaining a healthy environment,” said Doug Sheffield, Alabama Power utility arborist supervisor. “We do a lot of educational efforts, giving people advice on planting certain types of trees in the right places [including safe placement in relation to power lines].”

planting trees

Tips for Planting

Thanks to Alabama Power’s forestry team, we learned the proper technique for planting our seedlings. Here are a couple tips to keep in mind if you ever plant your own tree:

  1. After you dig a hole for the tree, push the seedling’s root down just enough so that it sits completely straight. If it is curved (known as a “J” root), it won’t be able to grow properly.
  2. Make sure you pack soil around the root without leaving any space between the root and soil. If there is an air pocket around the root, the seedling may dry out and die.

It Starts and Ends with You

As much as we love and care about reforestation efforts, we want to remind everyone that this tree-planting effort was ultimately about honoring our amazing supporters – all of you! With your collective impact, we can keep driving efforts to make our state greener. So, congrats on adopting a tree! Your legacy as a green energy supporter will not soon be forgotten.

If you haven’t yet signed up to power your home with green energy, choose one of our Greener State plans here!

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