While you’re spending more time at home, you’ve probably had the chance to get creative – or maybe you’ve at least thought about it. If you’re looking for renewed inspiration or just a new hobby to pass the time, we have 3 eco-friendly suggestions for you. Try these activities and let us know what you think! You might even want to continue doing them long-term for a more sustainable lifestyle.


Growing your own produce has major benefits for the environment. Not only are homegrown vegetables local and sustainable, but gardens also offset carbon emissions and improve air quality. If you don’t have space for an outdoor garden, try it indoors! You can start small by growing herbs like basil, oregano and mint in mason jars. Or, if you already have fruits on hand with regenerative seeds (think strawberries), you can plant those seeds in an indoor pot and transfer them to an outdoor garden at the beginning of summer. For a full guide on how to grow strawberries from seeds, check out this article.

Plant-Based Cooking

Is your cooking game looking a little tired after preparing so many meals at home? Maybe you need a challenge. Try going plant-based for a week and see what kind of creative dishes you can come up with. If you need some ideas, check out these vegetarian recipes. Going veggie-heavy is a simple and significant way to live more sustainably, as plants require fewer resources than meat to produce. Even if you go plant-based just one night per week, that adds up and can really make a positive impact!

Creative Upcycling

Good news for crafty people: DIY projects and helping the environment go hand in hand. Do you have old clothes you’ve been wanting to get rid of? Upcycle them! You can turn old T-shirts into fun tie-dye creations, headbands, and even rugs! You can also use them to create a protective mask for when you leave the house – check out this tutorial here. Other items around your house can be upcycled too, like old furniture. We were pretty impressed by these furniture transformations from Good Housekeeping – maybe you’ll get some design ideas!

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