Alabama is about to start producing a million solar panels each year. Seriously. 

On June 27, Governor Kay Ivey announced that LG Electronics will build Alabama’s first solar panel production facility. LG’s $28 million investment will go toward adding a solar module assembly plant to their existing Huntsville campus.

Starting in early 2019, the new facility will assemble LG’s “Neon 2” series 60-cell modules. These are cutting-edge solar panels that generate over 17 percent more power than many standard panels.

According to Ivey, LG is a top provider of residential solar panels in the United States, and the new factory is estimated to create 160 jobs. The new jobs will increase employment at LG’s 48-acre Huntsville campus to more than 400.

In a news release about the plant, Ivey said, “LG has a long history as a leading corporate citizen in Alabama. Now, LG is launching our state’s first solar manufacturing plant, which represents a major milestone both for Alabama and for the company.”

“We look forward to seeing where this great partnership takes us in the future.”

This is an exciting step for Alabama not only because of the positive environmental implications, but also because of what it means for Alabama’s economy and workforce.

“We’re thrilled that LG selected Huntsville for its new solar panel assembly plant because the company considered many other locations for this project,” said Greg Canfield, secretary of the Alabama Department of Commerce. “LG is a world-class company, and its decision represents a powerful endorsement of Alabama’s advantages and its workforce.”

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