Pick Your Plan

Greener State is a program that helps you go green the easy and affordable way. Simply purchase our Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and cover your electric usage with green energy.

Choose from our three plans. Each plan includes RECs certifying 100% green energy from existing U.S. wind, solar and biomass facilities.




(in addition to regular power bill)
  • 4,000 kWh of wind RECs

Make an Impact:

Your $5 is the equivalent to powering 100 electric vehicles for 100 miles.



(in addition to regular power bill)
  • 8,000 kWh of solar and wind RECs

Make an Impact:

Your $10 has the same environmental benefit as planting 155 trees.



(in addition to regular power bill)
  • 12,000 kWh of Alabama-generated RECs

Make an Impact:

Your contribution could power an average home with renewable energy.

Customize Your Plan

Match your exact usage with your desired amount of renewable energy at a cost that fits your needs

$1.25/mo. per REC

(in addition to regular bill)

Choose your source of green energy from wind, solar or biomass

"I like Greener State because it's an easy way for me to help support renewable energy and leave the world a little better for my children."
-Lindsey, 4 RECs
“I love that I can power my apartment with green energy!”
-Bridget, 2 RECs
“I like that I’m making a difference in Alabama just by contributing a small amount. ”
-Terrence, 4 RECs

$5 Goes a Long Way…

You can make a real difference when you join Greener State. Our customers have already used over 3.26 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy. Hold on…kilo-what?
Let’s put it this way: that’s enough green energy to power…

326 homes for a year

108,900 electric cars for 100 miles

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