How Greenlight Works

How Greener State Works

The renewable energy market is confusing, so we’re simplifying it with an easy way to greenify your energy usage through Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).

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The Short & Sweet Version

When you sign up for Greener State, you get RECs that cover your electric usage with renewable energy from wind, solar or biomass. You can go 100% green without having to add any equipment to your home.

So, what is a REC?

To understand how Greener State works it’s important to understand what RECs are, and how they work.


Energy Sources
Join Forces

Solar, wind and traditional sources of energy mix together in the grid.


Then Distribute

Translation: Anyone who uses the grid can’t be 100% certain of each kWh’s source.



= 1,000 kWh

Enter RECs stage left

Each REC represents one thousand kilowatt hours of renewable energy.

You Get Bragging Rights

When you buy a REC you get to claim ownership of that green energy.


And The Feel-Goods

You’re also helping to fund future renewable projects, like the next solar panel or wind project.

how it works

So Flip The Switch

Start using RECs today, and
help build a Greener State.

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Got Questions?

RECs allow you to easily and affordably cover your home’s electric usage with green energy. So when you buy RECs, you are certifying that your power is coming from renewable resources. Ok—but what does that actually mean?

Think about the electric grid like a tub of water being filled by many different faucets. Each faucet represents a different source of energy—wind, solar, hydroelectric, nuclear, etc. Like water entering a tub from different faucets, energy from different sources mixes together in the electric grid, and you can no longer determine the energy’s original source. So there is no way to know whether the energy that charged your phone last night came from solar, wind, or nuclear power. That’s why we have RECs—they allow us to account for the eventual usage of renewable energy in the grid. Each REC represents 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy produced by renewable resources, like solar and wind power. With RECs, you can rightfully claim ownership of green energy, and proudly declare that your home is powered by renewables.

The energy source depends on the type of RECs you choose to buy. If you choose solar RECs, the energy and its accompanying RECs will come from our Alabama solar farms, like Fort Rucker, Lafayette, or Anniston Army Depot. If you choose wind RECs, they’ll come from our Buffalo Dunes wind facility in Kansas, and Chisholm View wind farm in Oklahoma. If you purchase RECs from biomass sources, the energy will come from the Westervelt biomass plant in Moundville, AL.

Paying for RECs is easy and affordable. After you select the number of RECs you want to purchase (1 REC= $1.25), the cost is added to your monthly power bill. All you have to do is sign up for Greener State, sit back, and relax while your contribution supports renewable energy in Alabama.

No—the cost of RECs is added to your normal electric bill. With this affordable and easy option to support renewable energy, you can go green for the price of a cup of coffee. That’s a no-brainer in our book.

Let’s start with Leaf: with this plan, you get 4 RECs (4,000 kWh) from wind energy sources at only $5/month. Because of how affordable it is, the Leaf plan is a great place to start your green journey.

If you want to support solar in Alabama, the Tree plan gets you 8 RECs (8,000 kWh) from solar and wind facilities for just $10/month.

And for the grand finale, our Forest plan provides you 12 RECs from 100% Alabama-sourced renewables, including local biomass and solar facilities—for only $15/month.

Nope! You can go totally customized; choose how many RECs you want, and what the source of your RECs will be. We can even match your RECs to your home’s exact energy usage. Want to cover 50% of your usage with wind RECs? 100% with solar RECs? We’ll help you design a custom plan.

Plain and simple: Greener State is an easy and affordable way to support green energy. When you join Greener State, you are helping the environment by reducing emissions from traditional energy sources and increasing demand for future energy projects. You’re also stimulating economic growth by helping to create renewable energy jobs. The best part? You can make a real impact without installing expensive home equipment. Since the launch of our renewable energy program, Greener State customers have used 3,267,000 kWh of renewable energy. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in Alabama.

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