How does your company support renewables?

Many of your customers are looking for companies that are like-minded and supportive of the green movement. Let them know before they enter your business that you are choosing green by showing a Greener State badge.

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When you sign up for Greener State Business, we’ll give you a badge to put on your website, and a sticker for your window to show others your commitment to sustainability.

Business Leaf Plan Badge

Leaf Partners

Support renewable energy through your purchase of 20 RECs per year.

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Business Tree Plan Badge

Tree Partners

Support renewable energy by covering 50% or more of your energy usage with Renewable Energy Certificates.

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Business Forest Plan Badge

Forest Partners

Support renewable energy by covering 100% of your usage with Renewable Energy Certificates.

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Please tell us a little bit about your business so we can build a package that is perfect for you.

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Why Greener State


It’s Fast and Easy

Sign up is quick and you’ll immediately begin greenifying your energy usage.


Shows You’re Environmentally Conscious

Let others know you’re committed to supporting renewables and fighting climate impact.


Gain a Competitive

Being an environmentally responsible company attracts like-minded employees and customers.


Enjoy Our Expertise

Having worked with businesses large and small, we have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your sustainability goals.