We cannot tell the story of Greener State without telling the story of

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Having proudly served Alabamians for the past 110+ years, we’ve always held a deep appreciation for our state’s extraordinary natural resources. Protecting these resources while providing reliable, affordable electricity for our customers is at the heart of our mission.

The future state is a Greener State

Since 1990, we’ve reduced emissions rates of two key pollutants, nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide, by 75 percent and 83 percent respectively. During that same period, we’ve increased our generation to meet Alabama’s growing demand for electricity. That’s more power for Alabamians with fewer emissions.

Over the years, we’ve become recognized as a leader in researching new ways to produce cleaner energy. Our pioneering research has included coal gasification, mercury-reduction technology and alternative energy sources such as solar power, biomass and fuel cells.

Did You Know?

Our first generating plant was hydroelectric, producing clean energy from the natural currents of Alabama’s great rivers.

We believe renewable resources are crucial to our present and future. We’re committed to unlocking their unlimited potential, whether it’s by generating hydroelectric power at home or investing in wind farms and solar energy projects throughout the U.S. We’re also dedicated to identifying cost-effective ways of expanding renewable energy.

Greener State is one such way; it’s our renewable energy certificate program and just one of many initiatives focused on a more sustainable future. By joining Greener State you’re also supporting the expansion of renewable energy, and strengthening the communities where we live, work and serve.

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